On Ice Team Shooting clinics

On Ice Team Shooting clinics

Team on ice Shooting clinics consists of a 1 hr off ice
session and a 1 hr on ice session

In the off ice stick clinic – Scott or Jesse will explain everything about the stick. Flex, lie, curve, stick length, knob size, importance of tape, hand position, puck position on the blade and body position. Once the players understand how the stick works, shooting becomes much easier. We will also explain the shots that we will be using on the ice (Wrist shot, Pull wrist shot, Pull snap shot, Backhands, Slap shot.) Lastly, we will explain in detail catching passes and passing. These 2 skills are often overlooked and very important.

Once we are on the ice – We will work on everything we talked about in the off ice session. (The number of shots we will work on will depend on the level of shooters.)

All on ice team shooting lessons include access to training videos and practice board dimensions that will guide you after the clinic.

Call about prices. They vary depending on how many players and how many coaches we send.

Scott: 651-238-4679
Jesse: 651-491-9867