We have 2 questions for you.

1. Do you ever find yourself in a hockey store or online buying a $250 hockey stick and are not sure if it fits you correctly?

2. Do you ever find yourself shooting tons of pucks but the consistency just doesn’t seem to be improving?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions, THEN YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE.

Having too flexible of a shaft will cause the stick to respond late, producing very inconsistent reps. In contrast, having a shaft that a player cannot flex will cause the stick to lose  power. The flex is just one component of the shaft. Another component of the shaft is the kick point (the exact point the shaft flexes). If the kick point is too low for an aggressive player, they will find that pucks shot towards the top corner will not get quite as high as desired and will be very inconsistent laterally (pucks will miss left for left handed shots, and right for right handed shots). This can be very discouraging and confusing to a player who was once very consistent in his shooting.  Also if your lie (angle between shaft and blade) is too high/low it is nearly impossible to get your blade in the position it needs to be in to respond correctly. The last component is the curve. Using the correct curve will force players to get their hands in a strong position, resulting in more powerful wrist, snap, and slap shots. The correct combination of curve and lie will also aid the player in keeping the puck on the front half of the blade, causing the stick to flex correctly, resulting in elevated accuracy and power.

Stick Fitting Program:

Please answer the following questions and email the answers and videos to

  • How tall is the player?
  • How much does the player weigh?
  • Is the player upright or more bent over when carrying the puck and shooting?
  • Are the player’s hands fairly low when they shoot the puck or is their top hand at or above their hip?
  • In your opinion, do you think the player is very aggressive, moderately aggressive, or not very aggressive when they shoot the puck?
  • What stick is the player using now? (Brand, Model, Pattern number, and Flex)?
  • Lastly, please provide an email address and phone number.


We will need 3 short video clips of the player:

  • Video of the players shooting ( wrist, snap, and slap shots) from the side so you can see the stick and the toes of the skates.
  • Video of the player shooting (wrist, snap, and slapshots) from behind so you can see the backswing and the stick blade making contact with the ice.
  • Video of the player standing in their normal hockey posture stick handling side view.


What you receive with the program:

A recommendation for the correct stick

Bjugstad shooting videos that will guide you through all of the shots.

Information on how to set up the practice board. The board ensures you are the appropriate distance from the puck and you are stepping in the correct direction. 

Price $100


Please contact us if you have any questions: